Year 9

Year 9 gives the pupils the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding of CAD/CAM and electronics through two exciting projects.

Laser Cut Mobile Phone Holder.

Mobile Phone HoldersIMG_0129 IMG_0712

IMG_0286 IMG_0151 IMG_0136 IMG_0289

Pupils have the opportunity to fully develop a model of their design before learning how to draw it on CAD and output  to a laser cutting CAM machine.  They learn about fine tolerances, line bending plastics, vinyl cutting and creativity.

PIC Project.

This is a very exciting and challenging project for pupils.  They are introduced to the capabilities of PIC Microcontrollers and learn how to programme PICAXE chips.

Pupils are given the opportunity to design and make a product of their choice that incorporate a programmable circuit.  The example below shows a display piece that has flashing LED’s and plays a tune.


Follow the link below for a short video showing pupils work.  Listen carefully for the sound.

Some pupils choose to design and make a board game that includes an electronic dice.  The dice is controlled by the PIC microcontroller and gives a random number each time the switch is pressed.  Pupils also design the graphics for the board game layout.  Many pupils have designed board games that have reused products in them such as the ones below.



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