Year 8

The Sweet Dispenser Project.

This is the first project in year 8.  Pupils will be given drawings to work from to construct the sweet dispenser.  Pupils will also learn how to draw in isometric view and produce detailed orthographic drawings.




The Cubee Project.

Cubee 1

Pupils design a Cubee character to take part in a race at the end of the project.  The character is propelled forward by a spinning off centre of mass.  During this project pupils learn about DC motors, how they work and how to connect them into a circuit.  They are introduced to the soldering process and a range of other work shop equipment.

Pupils develop their creativity by designing their own Cubee character, this activity also introduces them to nets and CAD/CAM.

Cubee 2

Follow the links below to see some of our Cubees in action!



The Mood Lamp Project.

Mood lamp             Mood Lamp 2

This projects offers pupils an introduction to basic electronics.  This is an extended design and make project, the aim is to design and make an environmentally friendly mood lamp by applying the 6 R’s of sustainability.  Pupils are encouraged to combine a reused bottle with recycled plastics to create a mood lamp that reduces the amount of energy used by only illuminating when it’s dark.

Pupils learn about LED’s, resistors, transistors and develop their circuit construction skills by populating a PCB.  The base of the lamp is made from softwood and acrylic so pupils also get the opportunity to develop a range of other work shop skills.

Throughout this project pupils work through a structured workbook which also helps to develop their literacy and numeracy skills within Design & Technology.

mood lamp 3 IMG_0590

IMG_0592 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0603 IMG_0678 IMG_0687

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