Resistant Materials

GCSE Resistant Materials

This subject focuses on the use of woods, metals and plastics in the design and manufacture of a range of products.

Throughout Year 10 pupils will complete a range of projects that cover all areas of theory and enable pupils to prepare for the Controlled Assessment Task in year 11.

In year 10 pupils will complete four main focus areas. These are:

1. Just in Time (Optional CAD/CAM)

Pupils will be required to design and make a clock using a range of materials and processes including CAD/CAM. Pupils will be taught how to design using 2D and 3D CAD and be given the opportunity to use the following types of CNC equipment: Camm-1, Camm-2, and Lasercam.

2. Timber Exercise

This will involve the preparation of timber, marking out the joints and cutting them so that they fit in one structure. This exercise will be differentiated so that pupils of all abilities can achieve their potential.

  3. Metal Skills Trophy

This will involve the preparation of mild steel i.e. filing square and flat, drilling a hole, counter sinking, threading, riveting, and lathe turning. In addition a design element will be to complete the exercise by adding a decorative top so that it becomes a trophy.

4. Graphics Packaging

This will build on year 9 technical drawing exercises, preparing pupils for the demands of the design folder and exam requirements of GCSE.

In year 11 pupils will study their GCSE coursework.  Here are some examples of pupils work.

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